Consulting Services

Dr. Box Consulting Services Offered We at Dr. Box Consulting are committed to delivering the best consulting services in the Organizational Improvement and Packaging industries. Dr. Box is one of the most recognized names in these arenas and has selected only the best consultants in the business to represent him in order to cover all facets of Organizational Improvement and Packaging.Read more

Keynote Speaking

Organizational Improvement Randy Phares, otherwise known as "Dr. Box" is a reknowned professional "Keynote Speaker" on Organizational Improvement. His interactive, dramatic and entertaining delivery has made him high in demand as a speaker and trainer. He has an uncanny ability to inspire organizational change with his uniqe perspectives on performance and profit improvement.Read more

Expert Witness

Risk Mitigation When you need Expert Witness Services in the Performance Improvement or Packaging industries, you need to "CALL THE DOCTOR". Randy "Dr. Box" Phares has worked on expert witness projects by doing Fair Market Value assessment, Machinery Build Cost, Cause of Damage. Just in reduction of Fraud and misrepresentation alone Dr. Box has limited exposure by over a million dollars.Read more

Mark A. Gilchrist.. S

Throughout 2009 and 2010 I defended a property loss case at a commercial warehouse which included the destruction of a number of custom built and unique large scale pieces of industrial machinery. Among the items damaged was a cascader type wax machine. After an extensive review for expert witnesses to help defend the case, Randy Phares’ name was continually referred as the most knowledgeable engineer in the corrugated box industry. “Dr. Box” was a tremendous help in defending this lawsuit. He was attentive, thorough and professional. As a bottom line, Randy was able to save the defense hundreds of thousands of dollars after his extensive investigation and research on the subject piece of machinery. I would not hesitate to recommend Randy to other attorneys needing similar services.

Madhu Rupah. S S. Domain Lead – Forestry, Beroe Consulting (I) Pvt. Ltd, Chennai

“Dr. Box is one of those very few people who live up to their credentials. He has been a huge support in helping us frame guidelines for Lacey Act compliance. Thanks to him, we were able to turn it around in a week’s time. I certainly look forward to work with him again.”

Peter J. Tracey General Manager, Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation, San Jose, CA

“A high energy task driven professional that has never been intimidated by an assignment. Randy is one of the rare bred that hold an incredible personal standard for himself and in refusing to compromise on his objectives raises the professionalism of these who work with him. A strong investor in self-improvement and attaining new skills outside of the corporate programs, Randy has used considerable vacation time so as to attend certification seminars that have assisted his management performance with Lean Manufacturing, TMP, serving as the ISO 9001 trainer and playing a major role in taking a manufacturing facility from ‘last to first’. I would not only recommend Randy but I would offer him a job and allow him to identify his assignments. Operations people will love Randy.”

Enrique Soto Manager Human Resources Johnson Controls

“Randy is in the category of high IQ talent. He’s a dynamic leader who possesses qualities such as strong memory of details, interpersonal communication skills, the ability to “manage up” with executives and he’s able to lead teams to quickly assess complex issues to determine a sensible plan. Randy is a proven professional who consistently demonstrates his leadership by taking on any challenge and delivering positive results. He has earned his title Dr. Box as he is an expert and a true professional. He will be a great asset to any corporation”

Doug Severns Quality Assurance Manager, Temple Inland

“Randy “Dr. Box” Phares was able to triage a wide spectrum of key performance indicators that measure the success of a box plant in today’s packaging industry environment. His knowledge of these interdependent processes which include sales, customer service, and manufacturing coupled with his application of Lean and Six Sigma concepts impacted our set up reduction, throughput, quality, and overall printing capabilities. A great manager and teacher who could ‘Walk the Talk.”

John Graber Planning Commissioner, City of Carson, California

“I can assure you, Randy is the most professional and outstanding manager I have ever witnessed. He is a multi-talented executive, caring and fair with fellow workers. Energetic and timely, Randy delivers performance and results.”

Gary McCracken Practice Director,Pulp, Paper, Corrugated, Plastics Packaging Specialist, The Mergis Group

“I have known Randy for well over seven years and I have worked for him and with him and it is easy for me to say he is the ultimate professional. His latest project (at the time) has been to turn around a plant that had lost direction and focus which he has been able to accomplish using solid management skills and techniques like: Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, leadership, ethics, communication, team building, mentoring, cost control and vendor management just to name a few. But most of all Randy is never to busy to help a friend and or colleague. So with the highest praise I would recommend Randy to anyone that wishes to work for him and or with him – GREAT GUY and GREAT MANAGER!”

JoAnn Hines Founder, Packaging Diva

Randy “Dr. Box” Phares is a Visionary Leader in the Manufacturing and Distribution industries with a focus on Packaging. He has demonstrated an in depth knowledge and expertise in Branding, Marketing, and Packaging Design as showcased in his contributions to He has always shown a strong willingness to help others succeed. He is a strong asset to the team and too the industry.

Carlos Velez-ContyPlant Manager, Robert Mann Packaging

“Recommending professionals like Randy is simple. Not only is he a well rounded professional expert in his field, also Randy is an excellent human being. Randy’s passionate and relentless pursuit for results make him what many of us know him for “Dr. Box.” I strongly recommend Randy’s talent to enhance ailing business organizations. Both his technical ability and his business savvy will help any organization move within the world class arena. Personally, I would work for Randy in a heartbeat; he is a well rounded manager, compassionate and supportive. “

Victoria Hirschberg, MCRP,MA Marketing Director, McAllen Economic Development Corporation

“Randy Phares was dedicated to growing and increasing the strength of the South Texas manufacturing community. He closely worked with manufacturers, build and maintained community partnerships like the one with McAllen Economic Development Corp, and brought the STMA to a higher level with a new vision, website and programs to engage the local clients”

Mark Shmagin Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Marfred Industries

“Randy is extremely well organized, methodical and efficient. While working together, Randy managed plant consolidations, equipment installations and a high volume and quality of throughput. I greatly enjoyed working with Randy.”

Bill Allen Corporate Sales Manager, Packaging Solutions and Logistics

“During the time I worked with Randy Phares at Temple Inland I found his knowledge and overall approach to management and problem solving refreshing. Randy was able to see through difficult situations keeping both teams in mind (customer and supplier) to find a workable solution. I found his knowledge of machinery, shop floor processes, and how to work with people impressive. One of the secrets to Randy’s success was his ability to manage in both cultures (Mexico and USA). I remember my people telling me about Randy coming to our plant because of an issue, impressing my people with his ability to communicate in Spanish as well as in English and helping them find the root cause to our issue. I believe he has the ability to help anyone’s company to reach its potential quickly. I know Randy was a huge asset to Temple-Inland and is sorely missed. “

Mike Willis Executive Director, South Texas Manufacturers Association

“Randy provided exemplary leadership and vision. He guided us through a much-needed Strategic Planning and Visioning exercise that gave us clarity on our direction and helped guide us to clarify the value that we can provide to our members. Randy is a dynamic and focused leader, and I know he will be a success at anything he champions. He earned the respect of the manufacturing managers and other business leaders on our Board of Directors and in our organization at large”

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